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SJNA is what we would consider an event horizon. What began as a necessary option for full-time education during a pandemic, has continued as a life-changing experience for us and our children. The staff is amazing, and the curriculum is perfection – a blend of education, morals, and ethics that our children thrive on. There are no words to describe the positive impact SJNA has had on our family. Thank you SJNA!

-Jennifer Lalli, SJNA Parent

As a parent I have witnessed the positiveness that the Academy has instilled in their environment, academia and most importantly, their faith formation. On an academic level, I have personally had conversations with parents whom children have attended St. John Neumann in past years. They have expressed how well their children were prepared as they entered higher learning institutions. Mrs. Wharton and her team of teachers are attentive that each child is instructed in the best way possible. But aside from the standard curriculum, St. John Neumann Academy also offers extra-curricular activities, such as, the Swim Team and XC Cross Team, and many more interesting, instructive, fun-filled events throughout the school year! Personally, we are a Catholic family, the faith formation aspect is the core of our daily lives… Now more than ever, it is essential to reinstate the Christ-like virtues and way of living… It is truly a blessing to have the peace of mind every single morning as I drop off my girls, that they are surrounded by an environment that CARES for their safety, their academic achievements and most importantly, the state of their soul, as much as I do.

-Brenda Diaz, SJNA Parent

We are extremely grateful for the preschool, elementary, and middle school experiences our children have had at St. John Neumann Academy. Our oldest daughter started in Kindergarten at SJNA in 2004, and she graduated in 2013. Our youngest son began in 3-year-old pre-school, and is currently an 8th grader there. When he graduates in 2024, that will make 21 years for us as an SJNA family! From those early days… it has always been clear that SJNA is more than just a school; it is a very special community, nourished and protected by the Holy Spirit as it grows. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the entire Neumann Knight community, from the administration to the teachers, and from the parent body to the kiddos themselves. You have been instrumental in shaping our children's futures, and I am confident that the values, education, and memories they have gained at SJNA will continue to guide them as they continue on to each "next chapter" of their lives. Thank you, St. John Neumann Academy, for being a place of excellence, faith, and love for my family over these memorable past two decades. You have truly made a lasting impact on our family, and we will forever cherish our time as part of this remarkable community.

-John and Martha Morris, SJNA Parents

Following a frustrating year of academic chaos and social troubles that seemed bound to deepen, we transferred our child from public school to St. John Neumann Academy. We have always believed that every Catholic child belongs in a Catholic school, yet we also believed that affording a private education was beyond our means. The tuition assistance we received from St. John Neumann Academy, then, felt like - WAS, really - an answer to prayer. Beyond our means? How happy we were to have been wrong. And not just because we could now budget for school! Although we have only been PART of the St. John Neumann Academy community for a few months, our family has already enjoyed more of a SENSE of community at SJNA than we did during our years in the public education system. Our child, in particular, has flourished thanks to this community. Spiritually, academically, socially, even athletically, now in all these ways she quite simply stands up straighter. To observe the pivot in her character, disposition, and priorities has been like watching an arrow fly from a bow. Consider Christ's transfiguration, when He revealed his holy essence to Peter, John and James atop a high mountain, his clothes resplendently white and his face glowing. I'm not so hyperbolical as to compare our child's rejuvenated happiness and ambition to Christ Himself, but when I look at her these days, I can't help but think that the light we always knew was in her has truly broken through. We thank God for St. John Neumann Academy: its staff, its families, its benefactors.

-Andy Hobin, SJNA Parent

SJNA: what it means to me is family. It takes a village to raise our children with Jesus hearts and that is exactly what SJNA has helped our family do with our sweet daughter. There is not a place that I could hold more valuable than this school and it’s people. It’s more than an education. It’s a home away from home. We never worry about our child’s safety or what she is learning. The school has embraced us and supported us during some of our toughest moments and we are forever in its debt. Thank you SJNA for being such a remarkable “home” for our family!!! It is our pleasure to attend this school!

-Carl and Emily Stoots, SJNA Parents 

It was nearly time for [our child] to venture off to kindergarten… What were we going to do for [him]; to protect him, to support him, and to ensure him with the proper education and yet instill faith? I voiced my concerns to my husband and he asked, "Where do you want him to go?" Without hesitation, I responded, St. John Neumann Academy… I knew SJNA was the answer to all of my questions, my fears, my hopes, and my dreams for what [our child] deserves. [He] LOVES his "new" school. He talks about his new friends and his teacher… He comes home daily singing new songs and chatting about special moments. He's happy. He's thriving. He's excited. Therefore, I am happy. I have no doubt that SJNA is an amazing establishment filled with wonderful teachers and students. The administration is incredible. I can't possibly say enough good things about SJNA! They've exceeded my expectations and we've really just gotten started! My family is eternally grateful for SJNA and we look forward to watching [our child] grow in his knowledge and faith throughout his journey here. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. 

-Nyoka Stanley, SJNA Parent

Every time I walk into SJNA, I am literally overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. After lots of hand-wringing while searching for the right school for our family, our child is greeted and held daily in Jesus's love, and challenged academically in that same wondrous spirit. Importantly, we as parents are held in the same manner, helping us better serve our children and community. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the SJNA family! 

-Jen Friedel, SJNA Parent

SJNA is one of the best things to happen to my family! We stumbled upon the school almost by accident when we were still very new to the area, and I am forever grateful that we did. My daughter has been attending the school since she was 3 years old. The sense of community, caring teachers, helpful staff, and small class sizes can't be beat. I am now blessed enough to not only be an SJNA parent but also an SJNA teacher and couldn't imagine ever teaching anywhere else. SJNA will forever and always carry a special place in our hearts.

-Angela Shields, SJNA Parent & Teacher

The staff and teachers at SJNA serve wholeheartedly. They care as much about helping students develop strong values, faithfulness, and character as they do about education. Care and intention is felt in all they do and we continue to be impressed by the safe and loving environment at SJNA.

-Lauren Naldo, SJNA Parent

We are so thrilled to be starting our 4th year at St. John Neumann Academy! Our children are thriving, the school is a special place, and the staff is the best there is! SJNA has been the best decision for our family and continues to be a blessing!

-The Black Family, SJNA Family

SJNA is all about growth: growth for every single student who walks through the doors and growth as a school community. 20 years ago, 17 Kindergarten through third-grade students, including my five-year-old self, walked into a leased school library with a few teachers and administrators who had a vision for a faith-based education in the New River Valley. After a few years, SJNA outgrew that old library and upgraded to a new space, with additional educators and excited new families in tow. Fast forward two decades and the fruits of that original vision have multiplied as the SJNA community enjoys a beautiful new school building and growing enrollment.

I'm just one of many SJNA alumni who proudly attributes their faith journey, educational success, and personal development to SJNA and the amazing folks who make the school community so special. I'm beyond excited for the students and families who will reap the benefits of this first 20 years for many years to come.

Go Knights!

- Walker Helms, 2011 SJNA Alumnus