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St. John Neumann Academy’s Uniform Dress Code provides a standard for our students that fosters an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior. For this reason, we have a simple, easy to care for uniform and we ask parents to fully cooperate in supporting this dress code.

School Uniform and P.E. Uniform items (except shoes, socks, tights, belts) must be purchased through SJNA’s official uniform provider, French Toast Schoolbox: Do not order similar clothing items from other suppliers as colors and styles may vary. 

Please note the following important guidelines:

  • When ordering from French Toast, enter our school code, QS4WRW, or our school name for a list of approved uniform items.
  • A belt must be worn if the student is wearing pants or shorts.
  • On days when P.E. classes are scheduled, students wear their P.E. uniforms to school instead of the regular uniform. The complete P.E. uniform consists of a gray tee, navy mesh shorts and/or navy closed bottom sweatpants, plain/solid white socks (no logos, stripes, etc.), and sneakers.
  • Only SJNA Spirit Wear sweatshirts, French Toast sweatshirts or French Toast sweaters may be worn during class.
  • All K - 8th grade students are required to wear Formal Uniforms to Mass, most field trips, and other occasions designated by the administration.
  • Our Warm Weather Uniform Option is in effect during Daylight Savings Time. During these periods, the boys may substitute uniform pants with uniform shorts and the girls may substitute uniform pants or scooters with uniform shorts. Uniform shorts are not part of the Formal Uniform and may not be worn on scheduled Formal Uniform days. Additionally, when the Warm Weather Uniform Option is not in effect, all students must wear their P.E. sweatpants instead of /over their P.E. shorts on designated P.E. days.
  • Girls’ hair accessories must be one of the following solid (not patterned) colors: navy, gray, brown or black.
  • Refer to the SJNA Student-Parent Handbook for Dress Down Day policies.  

The complete lower school and upper school uniform details can be found in the SJNA Uniform Dress Code document.